The Young Philadelphians (1959)

Starring: Robert Vaughn, PN, Barbara Rush, Alexis Smith, Brian Keith, Adam West, Billie Burke, John Williams, Otto Kruger

Directed by: Vincent Sherman

Summary: Tony Lawrence (PN) was raised in high society Philadelphia by his widowed mother (Diane Brewster). He grows up knowing the status that his last name affords, but is also humble and works hard to put himself through law school. He falls for Joan Dickinson (Barbara Rush), daughter of a prominent lawyer. In order to stop Tony from marrying his daughter, he offers Tony a job after law school in his firm. Tony excitedly accepts the job and postpones the marriage. Joan is crushed and marries Carter Henry instead. Tony usurps a summer internship with big shot lawyer John Wharton from his friend Louis Donetti. Phildelphia is interrupted by Korean War service for Tony, Carter, and Chester (Robert Vaughn). Tony returns unscathed, but Chester loses an arm, and Carter loses his life. Upon returning to Philadelphia, Tony forgoes Dickinson's offer and accepts a job with Wharton. In a twist, Tony is the only lawyer on duty one Christmas Eve when Mrs. J. Arthur Allen (Billie Burke) walks into the building with her chihuahua under one arm and seeming in dire need of service. She is impressed by Tony's help, and decides to make him a permanent part of her legal team. She just happens to be Joan's aunt-in-law, bringing the two back together. The story has more angles than most of today's soap operas.... I left out Tony finding out about his true parentage, and his defending Chester in a murder trial.... it's hard to believe this movie isn't 3 hours longer!


Trivia: Formerly known as "The City Jungle".

The Newman Factor: Drama! Romance! Laughs! Heartbreak! He plays them all. 9.

Rating: Despite the "soapy" twists and turns, it does move along, and keep the audience intrigued. 8.