Winning (1969)

Starring: PN, Joanne Woodward, Richard Thomas, Robert Wagner

Directed by: James Goldstone

Summary: This movie is less about racing and more about human nature: letting your passion take control of your life. Unfortunately, Frank (PN) allows his passion for winning block out the rest of his life. He neglects his wife, Elora and sends her into the arms of his rival (the ludicrously named) Luther Erding (Robert Wagner).

Quote: Elora Capua: "Even God took a rest on Sunday-"
Frank: "I'm not God, that's my problem."

Trivia: Paul had never had any interest in racing until this shooting this movie. It featured Bobby Unser and Tony Hulman and used real Indy footage. Robert Wagner also remains an avid racer these days.

The Newman Factor: Paul deserves a 7 for this one, there isn't much in the way of great storytelling here, and the plot is often predictable, but it is quite obvious that he is doing what he loves most. The scene in which PN catches Robert Wagner in bed with Joanne the acting is just as good as any of his other Academy Award nominated performances. Rating: 6.

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