Slap Shot (1977)

Starring: PN, Strother Martin, Jennifer Warren, Lindsay Crouse, Melinda Dillon

Directed by: George Roy Hill

Summary: When released in 1977, this comedy about a down-and-out hockey team was criticized for its liberal use of profanity. The controversy tended to obscure the fact that Slap Shot is a very funny, marvelously acted movie. PN, as an aging player-coach who's a loser in love and on the ice until he instructs the members of his team to behave like animals during their matches, has never been better.

Trivia: It takes a trained ear to notice, but the music has changed since the film's original release: (reprinted from Roger Ebert's "Questions for the Movie Answer Man" 1997) The music was changed because the film was made before the advent of home video, and thus the studio failed to obtain the home video rights for use of the songs. Renegotiating such rights (with heavy hitters such as Elton John and Fleetwood Mac) would devour the profits of the film's home video release, and therefore 'soundalikes' were used. An earlier home video release of the film was done before the studio was even aware that it didn't own the home video use rights! It took a few lawsuits (on other films) before MCA wised up to the problem. -David Wise CompuServe ShowBiz Forum

Quote: "Old-time hockey...Toe Blake, Dit Clapper, Eddie Shore, those guys were the greats!"

The Newman Factor: Paul's chameleon act struck again- this time, he's cussing like a sailor, sleeping with a lesbian, and, yes, ice skating. Is there anything he can't do?? Definitely a 10.

Rating: 8 out of 10, the original Hanson brothers, (the ones that put the squeaky clean Oklahoma bubblegum pop group to pure and utter shame), keep this one of the funniest sports movies I've ever seen. Not to mention, Paul is quite hilarious.