Rally Round the Flag, Boys! (1958)

Starring: PN, JW, Joan Collins, Tuesday Weld, Jack Carson, Dwayne Hickman

Directed by: Leo McCarey

Summary: PLN is Harry Bannerman, a suburban dad who takes the 5:29 from Manhattan to Putnam's Landing each day. All he wants is a little drink when he gets home and to spend some time with his wife Grace (JW), who is overextended with her civic minded projects and committees. Sexy neighbor Angela Hoffa's (Joan Collins) husband is a cold fish so she sets her sights on Harry. When the Army moves in a Top Secret project into their town, Grace mans the committee to stop them and sends Harry reluctantly to Washington to cut them off at the pass. Hilarity (?) ensues when Angela sneaks down there to try to seduce Harry, but don't you know Grace shows up as well.

Quote: Harry: "Where were you Monday? Monday was den mothering in the woods with a pack of other people's mistakes and I had cold scraps from Sunday."

Trivia: This was Paul's first attempt at feature length comedy.

The Newman Factor and Rating: When viewing this one you feel as if you're watching one of those plays that the local high school barely has enough money to rent the rights to. What starts as a barely amusing rip-off of The Seven Year Itch, midway through evolves into a horrible mess. Paul is cute in his antics for the first half (I'll admit, I did laugh out loud a few times, notably when his kid hits him in the face with a pillow, his drunk dancing with Joan Collins and his swinging from the chandelier) but everyone seems lost by minute 50. Film: 4, Paul: 7.