Racing Videos

Super Speedway (1997)
Originally filmed in the IMAX format and exhibited in IMAX theatres throughout the world, this is a hang-on-to-your-seat thrill ride, letting you truly experience what it feels like to be behind the wheel of an Indy race car. Newman narrates only. Directed by Stephen Low. Available from Great customer reviews, and also available on DVD. I watched and thought it was mediocre at best.

US 500 (1996)
After Newman leads the field in his pace car, but before the green flag, Jimmy Vasser slams Adrian Fernandez & causes a 12 car smashup. Available from critics choice.

The Mastery of Motion (1990)
Starring: PN, Walter Payton, and Scott Sharp Narrated by: Sam Posey
Summary: This is a short (under 30 min.) informational video about the Newman Sharp Formula 1 race team. It briefly expains why Paul started and continues to race to this day. Ex-football player Payton is new to the racing scene and covers his introduction to the team. Scott Sharp is the 21 year old son of team co-owner Bob Sharp, and while he is good, he still has a lot to learn from his elders. The video follows the team members through several races across the country, and equally represents wins, as well as defeats.
The Newman Factor/Rating: It's a 7, on both, despite it's length, it does provide some nice footage of Paul racing and manages to capture some of the essence of why he loves it so much. This is not for the fan who is "crash hungry" but is a nice tutorial for those who are still having trouble understanding why Paul doesn't race at Indy. (FYI, that's because he's Formula 1 racer, not NASCAR....)

The Valvoline National Driving Team (CBS Special 1989/90)

Indy Challenge (1988)
Mario Andretti, David Hasselhoff, Al Unser and PLN; Produced by Diamond P Entertainment, 47 minutes.

Driven to Excellence (1983)
Freewheelin' Flicks, 30 minutes
Paul Newman and Mario Andretti take viewers on an exhilarating ride through the world of Indy Racing. Hosted by Sam Posey. There's no real structure to this documentary, but there is some cool footage of Paul racing (and crashing). Being a former Indy driver himself, Posey gives special insight into the mind of the racer.
Quote: "PLN once said he won with a car so good that Shirley Temple could have won with it. And he wasn't happy when he said it."
Newman Factor & Rating: Paul is featured prominently in this video, even though it's short. It makes you wonder why they even included Mario Andretti in it. Each man is worthy of his own piece, and much longer than a half hour at that. Newman: 9 (only because of the shot of him during a race trying to return to his pit after a crash unable to see out the windshield because the hood has blown up), Rating: 8.
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The Racing Experience 1971(?)
American Video/Power Sports Video, 48 minutes
"A fiery intoxication of Grand Prix Racing as seen through the eyes of world champions!"

This is one of the most fantastically cheesy Paul has ever done! The video box says it's part 1 of a 3 part series of videos, but I don't know what the other 2 videos are called. Paul is the host of this series, at this time he was still on the outside of the sport looking in, longingly ("We, we're just the spectators.") This tape is broken down into 4 parts with each part containing a type of prehistoric music video with popular songs set over car related footage. Part 1, is "The Drivers" and focuses on Butch, a guy who races cars in demolition derbies, and makes about $50 a week at a scrap yard to feed his 4 kids (note: he's 25). He is a "loser in a game where winning is everything". The music video contained here is set to James Taylor's "Fire and Rain". Part 2, is "The Machine", and we see Paul getting dirty under the hood. This section has my favorite part: Paul driving a 1914 French Peugot Indy car. Part 3, is "The Spectator", with a music video montage of those who camp out and wait for the race day to start. Paul talks to the wives, about their fears for their husbands (a classic moment where one says "you just hope you have a lot of money saved." ew.) Also footage of the 1st Ontario Celebrity Pro Am race, where Paul manages to burn his clutch and transmission and finish dead last out of 7 cars. The final part is "The Race" and I gave up completely trying to follow the structure. Some really cool auto footage from the 1910's, 20's and on.
Newman Factor & Rating: I'm a big stock footage junkie, so seeing all this really cool archival footage was great. In reality, there's no structure to the narration - you find yourself wondering what Bobby and Al Unser playing on their snowmobiles and archival footage of wacky cars and a soap box derby have to do with car racing. The audio is often difficult to decypher, but I found myself not caring what they were saying and just looking at the pictures.
Newman: A delightfully cheesey 8!, Rating: 8.
Once Upon a Wheel
(This might be a description that actually goes with the video above.) (4/18/71 narrator) A fast paced, exciting program from trackside. Mr. Newman also shows his skill on the track in his own race car. Guests include Mario Andretti, Al Unser Sr., Kirk Douglas, James Garner, Chuck Connors, and others. Produced by Magnum Entertainment (also listed as 1991)

Winning Is Everything
Vision of Speed
American Sports Cavalcade
Road Atlanta
Nissan Racing Series