Pocket Money (1972)

Starring: PN, Lee Marvin, Christine Belford, Strother Martin, Kelly Jean Peters, Wayne Rogers

Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg

Summary: Jim Kane (PLN) is out of money and almost out of luck, and a just a little too gullible for his own good, when a man offers him a job buying cattle for him. Jim heads to Mexico and enlists the help of his friend Leonard (Lee Marvin), who's even broker, but he's the sneakier of the two. They are not outlaws, just "regular guys" trying to get by. Jim's the kind of guy who kicks over a trash can in a fit of anger, then picks the trash can up.

Quote: Leonard: "Now everytime he sees a rock lying in the street, he's gonna be thinking about you."

The Newman Factor & Rating: Many of Paul's characters are down on their luck. Jim Kane is a little different- he's not remarkable like Luke Jackson or Butch Cassidy and he never will be. There's not much depth in this one, so don't going trying to look for something more. It was funnier than I expected, with some amusing sequences but overall, the movie is fairly one dimensional. Paul: 7, Film: 7.