Paul L. Newman
1925 - 2008

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Remembering Paul Newman

Last updated: October 20, 2009

New Look for the Old Site!

One year later, Paul's legacy lives on.
It has been an honor to help keep his memory alive.
There's plenty of loving tribute here to Paul,
and thanks for all the support over the last
10 years of The Paul Page.

  • Paul Newman, Actor (Filmography)
  • P.L. Newman, CART Racer (Newman-Haas)
  • Newman's Own, Philanthropist (Official Site)
  • Remembering Paul today.
  • Fun Stuff: Trivia bits, Favorite lists, & different ways of looking at things.
  • Paul for Your Wall: Posters galore!
  • Link-O-Rama: I'll be your search engine.
  • Could I be Newman?? Before you assume, check here first.
  • Questions answered.

    To the powers that be:
    Let the record reflect that this page is a tribute to Mr. Paul L. Newman (and his lovely wife Joanne Woodward) and is in no way meant to be harmful or degrading of his fame and prowess. I offer nothing but respect to the Newmans and their careers and causes.-CBD

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