The Mackintosh Man (1973)

Starring: PN, James Mason, Dominique Sanda, Ian Bannan, Nigel Patrick

Directed by: John Huston

Summary: Trying to come up with a coherent summary for this one left me stymied, so I defer to the good folks at "Walter Hill has adapted Desmond Bagley's novel, The Freed om Trap, into a serviceable meller form. Harry Andrews, a British secret agent, recruits Newman to pull a jewel heist by mail, in order to establish his criminal credentials, so that he may escape with Ian Bannen, a state secrets betrayor, and thereby ferret out Mason, who has carried on a 25-year career as a politician but has been a foreign agent." Yeah, still doesn't make much sense to me. Check out the Internet Movie Database.

Quote:Paul's first day in prison he is asked: "Think you'd like to dance with me?"
"I can't make it go that way."
"You sure?"
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Might depend on how long I'm here, ask me again in a couple years."

Trivia:Animal lovers beware, his character drowns a dog.

The movie has exactly the same plot as the "Escape Route" episode of "The Saint" (1962) (episode 85, 30 December 1966), which had Roger Moore in Newman's role, and Donald Sutherland in Bannen's role. Actor Eric Mason has small parts in both the film and the TV episode. Desmond Bagley is not credited on "The Saint" episode, and his novel "The Freedom Trap" did not appear until 1971.

The Newman Factor & Rating:This one is unlike any of his other roles and I have to say it earns its place as my least favorite Newman movie. 4 for the flick, 6 for the Paul. Don't say you weren't warned.