Lady L (1965)

Starring: PN, Sophia Loren, David Niven, Marcel Dalio, Cecil Parker

Directed by: Peter Ustinov

Summary: The story is told in flashback by Lady L (Sophia Loren) of her childhood as a laundress in a French bordello. She falls in love with Armand (PN) [who is merely a Robin Hood-level band robber at this point, but eventually becomes a "bomb-toting 1905-style French anarchist). After Armand joins with an underground revolutionary group, he attempts to assassinate a visiting prince but is foiled by Lady L. She meets Lord Lendale (David Niven) who agrees to spare Armand from prison if she marries him. The remainder of the movie is how Lady L lives a sham life Check out the Internet Movie Database.

Quote:"It's ridiculous to say please with a gun in your hand."

Trivia:Was finished in April of 1965 but not released in America until May of 1966, possibly to capitalize on the success of Newman's better film Harper.

The Newman Factor and Rating: This one has a few comical moments (notably the guests fleeing a masked ball in the rain) but on the whole it is unremarkable. The older version of the character Sophia Loren plays has a British accent and sadly looks nothing of how Sophia looks today. 6/5