You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have my PLN link list page. I've checked out most of these pages that I've come across, to save time and trouble for the out of date search engines which provide more dead links than necessary. Most of the information contained on these pages has already been reprocessed and included on my site, so consider this more of a biliography of sorts. Nonetheless, some of the sites are fairly competent, and I've marked them with s to denote. (The more the better the site...) Enjoy.

Where to find PN on TV this week. Quick link that tells you where and when PLN movies (or rare appearances) will be shown.

Here's a foreign site with info on Paul called Celebrities Where you can find Newman in "Hollywood"

Fan Sites

Marilyn's site
A brief overview of Newman, several photos, but appears it hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Elizabeth's: great photos, bio, and an (agent?) address for ordering autographed photos

Heidi's Home Page Heidi and her sister (who has leukemia) were campers at Hole In The Wall in Connecticut. No info about Newman, but a nice photo of Heidi and PLN as well as pictures from her stay at the camp.

Crystal's page of info, a filmography list, and some nice publicity pictures

Franks Quotes: I'm not sure I ever understood Frank's site, but there are some amusing PLN quotes here and all are referenced in case you want to challenge their validity.

Hollywood/9766/newman.html oodles of links, page 2 has links to Newman posters and photos on the web

Meredy's trivia page: questions are easy for hard core PLN fans, but still a cute page

Hollywood/Makeup/3906 regurgitated facts, hasn't been updated in at least a year

Andrade a few photos

Guy with clown problem: I don't really get this. This guy evidently has a problem with clowns, and figures that if Paul wouldn't play a clown, then obviously they must be evil. Here is his attempt at a filmography.

Camel Stop Huh?? This sick weirdo, thinks Newman is head of "Cheezy People"

Thomas' autographed picture

Articles and Interviews

Salon Magazine (3/2/99) "Confidence Man: From gorgeous smartass to dependable old pro, PM has always known the score." by Charles Taylor
GREAT article with a very babe-o-licious pub. shot of Newman (Young Philadelphians? Somebody Up There Likes Me? Helen Morgan Story? I'm ashamed I can't tell!) though I believe the author refers to Butch Cassidy and The Sting as "stinkers".

NPR interview with David Zwerdling on Weekend All Things Considered, no real text, just audio of the interview which requires RealAudio to listen to; (12/17/97)

Newman Causes

American Arts Alliance/Borders PSA for supporting the arts

Newman's Own Official Site

The Nation Political magazine which Newman supports

Hole in the Wall Official Site

Barretstown Gang Camp: site for the extension of the Hole In the Wall Gang Camp for terminally ill kids located in Ireland

Boggy Creek Gang Camp: extension camp in Eustis, Florida activism & bio info brief one page, no new info

Oprah'slist of Newman's Own recipes.

Movie Sites

The Internet Movie Database THE ultimate movie website. Without them, I would be nowhere.

The All Movie Guide Almost as good as the IMDB, but not quite One stop shopping for auctions, books, and video sales

American Movie Classics page, quick bio, filmography list, nothing new

A & E Biography page; PLN's career/life contained to a paragraph, no real info

E!Online: I couldn't not mention E! (a certain friend would have my butt, though they still haven't posted a link to my site...) but this is one of the more informative movie site links nothing, just a quick bio

Information Please page, absolutely no info

Mr. Showbiz's one page bio

Premiere Magazine only a brief bio nothing impressive

Washington Post only a filmography list

Who2 not much info here

Newman On Sale

Classic photos short list of Newman photos for sale ($10 each, 3 for $25)

EBAY the original ultimate online auction service, usually lists about 200-300 pieces of Newman related memorabilia

Amazon Auctions haven't tried yet, but I like the one stop shopping idea.

Yahoo Auctions not as many hits as EBAY, but slowly still competing and no fee for listing (selling) items, unlike EBAY which charges a slight fee.

All Listing of some great Newman posters.

Newman Outfitters Paul doesn't have anything to do with this camping and other outdoor sports store in Ohio, but it is an directly incarnated from the store his father owned and forced him to work at as a child. Nevertheless, looks kinda cool.

Racing Fiend

Newman-Haas Official Site

Photo Paul looks on from the pits

Sites that Support Me

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Link Lane Brad Lang's birthday tribute

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