The Helen Morgan Story (1957)

Starring: Ann Blythe, PN, Richard Carlson, Alan King, Cara Williams

Directed by: Michael Curtiz

Summary: The biography of 1920's and 30's singer Helen Morgan chronicles her rise and fall from success. Discovered by Larry Maddux (PN), who also played her on-again, off-again, lover, Helen makes her way from night club singer to star of her own show and broadway headliner. Larry, a troublemaker who just can't seem to go straight disappoints Helen and she turns to prominent (married) NYC lawyer Russell Wade for comfort. Helen's drinking escalates and eventually ruins her career. She winds up passed out in an alley and is committed to a sanitarium. Larry visits her- but she doesn't know that he is only on leave from prison. They both get out on the same day. Helen is changed though, her drive to be the best has faded. She's a little more cynical and wary of Larry. Larry tells her he wants to show her her club one last time before they tear it down - but it's a surprise, everyone is there to see her.

Quote: Larry: "Get smart honey. Look, this town is ready, I'm gonna open it like an oyster."

Trivia: The songs in the movie were sung by Gogi Grant.

The Newman Factor and Rating: Paul describes this one as "Uggghhh." But he won a Golden Globe for most promising newcomer. I give him a 6 for effort and a 7 for the overall film.