Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (1962)

Starring: PN, Jessica Tandy, Ricardo Montalban, Eli Wallach

Directed by: Martin Ritt

Summary: **YET TO VIEW**


Trivia:Cast and crew received word of Hemingway's suicide at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, while on location in Verona, Italy, a location suggested by Hemingway himself.

Also known as "The Battler". Screenplay written by longtime pal (and cookbook collaborator) A.E. Hotchner. Newman had played The Battler in a 1956 TV version of the story also adapted by Hotchner.

Ernest Heminway wrote the opening and closing narration and was scheduled to deliver it himself, but his suicide prior to the film's conclusion prevented that.

Gary Cooper's death in 1961 prevented him from playing the role of Nick's doctor father.

Warren Beatty and Beymer were finalists for the role of Nick, but after negotiations broke down with Beatty, Beymer was ultimately cast.

Sharon Tate is reported to be in the film, but she has not been identified after repeated viewings.

The ten Nick Adams stories utilized by screenwriter A. E. Hotchner are "Indian Camp," "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," "The End of Something," "The Three Day Blow," "The Battler," "A Very Short Story," "In Another Country," "Now I Lay Me," "The Way of the World," and "A Way You'll Never Be." The latter portion of the film set in Italy is drawn from "A Farewell to Arms."

The character of Nick Adams appeared earlier in "The Killers" in 1946.

The European version is six minutes longer than the U. S. release. Among the deleted scenes include Joe Boulton's suicide by slitting of his own throat, a scene where Rosanna lets down her hair preparatory to presumably having relations with Nick, a suggestion in Nick's scene with her father that Rosanna and he have been lovers, and Nick's scene with a coroner after his arrival back home.

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