Harper (1966)

Starring: PN, Lauren Bacall, Shelley Winters, Arthur Hill, Julie Harris, Janet Leigh, Robert Wagner

Directed by: Jack Smight

Summary: Lew Harper, the gum chewing gumshoe in the tradition of The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep: there's the wife, the missing husband, the spoiled daughter, her pilot boyfriend, his junkie/nightclub singer mistress, the aging actress, the religious maniac, an ex wife. Any questions? Whodunit? Rent it!

Quote: "The bottom is loaded with nice people, only cream and bastards rise."

Trivia: It was Newman who suggested the lead character's name be changed from Archer to Harper. The opening scene, where Harper uses a wash basin filled with ice water to wake himself up, is a ritual Newman also uses on a daily basis.

The Newman Factor: It's a role no one associated with PN, but easily he fell right into it. 10.

Rating: It's a greatly engaging story, especially if you like the private detectives of yesteryear. 8.