The Secret War of Harry Frigg (1968)

Starring: PN, Sylva Koscina, Andrew Duggan, James Gregory

Directed by: Jack Smight

Summary:Set in WWII, Private Harry Frigg's (PLN) only talent is breaking out of the stockade. He's enlisted to help 5 allied generals to escape from an Italian "prison". They eventually promote Frigg to Major General. Check out the Internet Movie Database.

Quotes:"You might know a lot about aspagrus [sic], but aspagrus isn't going to get us out of here, I am!"

"Dining with royalty always leaves me pooped."

The Italian General: "We finally receive our shipment of ammunition, the guards now have bullets in their guns!" Trivia:Check out a young Tom Bosley, Buck Henry and Norman Fell.

The Newman Factor and Rating: Critics just don't like Newman trying to do comedy. The story is ridiculous and the film feels like it was made in the 1950s and in 1968 it seems trite joking about war especially as Vietnam was escalating. Film: 5, PLN: 6.