The Drowning Pool (1975)

Starring: PN, JW, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Jaeckel, Murray Hamilton, Melanie Griffith, Gail Strickland, Linda Haynes

Directed by:Stuart Rosenberg

Summary: The follow up to Harper, Newman recreates the detective, working to help an old flame, Iris Devereaux (JW) track down the person who is blackmailing her by threatening to reveal her infidelities to her husband. Set in New Orleans, this is a little darker than the first film, and about half as entertaining.

Trivia: The hard rock band "Drowning Pool" (Their song "Bodies" was in heavy rotation in 2001) took their name from the title of this movie. Shockingly, the lead singer, Dave Williams was found dead on his tour bus on August 14th, 2002. The cause of death was not immediately known.

The Newman Factor:7.