Here is a rudimentary partial list of titles I have come across that mention Newman's name. I haven't seen most of them so I can't attribute their validity or their quality.

Dale: The Movie (2007)
Paul narrates this documentary on the life of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.

Mumia: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?
For the first time, Mumia speaks on camera from behind prison walls in a television interview. Convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of a 25-year-old white Philadelphia policeman, former NPR radio journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal has voiced his innocence for 14 years. This high-profile case has garnered the interest of such celebrities as Jesse Jackson, Alice Walker, Paul Newman, Whoopi Goldberg, Ed Asner, Mike Farrell and Danny Glover, who believe Abu-Jamal is a political prisoner. Narrated by Marlene Sanders. 74 mins. Available from
Review: Paul is not associated with this documentary in any way other than his previous vocal support of Mumia's case. And even though I risk more hate emails from FOP supporters, I stand behind my review that it is an interesting and thought provoking piece.

Baseball (1994) Paul reads a letter by Lefty Grove in Inning (episode) 6 during the Dimaggio section.

Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. (1993)
Starring: Lana Turner, Orson Welles, PN, etc.
Director: Robert Guenette
Plot Summary: A look back at one of the great Hollywood studios, from the early silent films through the hits of the 1980s. Runtime: 108 minutes

Why Havel (1991)
Narrated by Milos Forman
Directed by: Vojtech Jasny

Audubon Video: Ancient Forests: Rage Over Trees (1990)
Produced by The National Audubon Society, Turner Broadcasting and WETA Washington, D.C. 60 minutes.
When settlers first arrived, ancient forests covered North America. Today only 2% of the original old-growth remains. Witness the heated controversy surrounding the last of Oregon's ancient forests as loggers and environmentalists struggle over the fate of a limited natural resource. Filmed on location at Oregon's Opal Creek. Who is right? The conservationists who want to save the land for tourism and natural beauty, or the mill workers who want to keep the community economically viable by providing work? In the end, the Forest Ranger has the last word: neither one of you is going to be completely happy, so you need to learn to work together. Okay? he says. Paul narrates this documentary in a tone that seems to apologize for his character in Sometimes A Great Notion, but it is interesting and thought provoking and beautifully shot. Available on for $13.99.

John Huston : The Man, The Movies, The Maverick (1988)
Robert Mitchum hosts this special personal tribute to John Huston that is warm, funny, poignant and full of insights into the life of the man who lived life to the hilt. Joined by stars Paul Newman, Lauren Bacall, Michael Caine, Anjelica Huston, Arthur Miller and Evelyn Keyes, Mitchum shares a fond look at the man who made The Maltese Falcon, African Queen, The Dead, The Misfits and Treasure of Sierra Madre. Available from Directed by: Frank Martin. This documentary won a Filmmaker's Trophy at the 1989 Sundance Film Festival.

Hello Actor's Studio (1987)
Starring: PN, Ellen Burstyn, Rod Steiger. Newman also filmed a sit down chat for Bravo Entertainment Network's "Inside the Actor's Studio" in 1994. "I just sat there and watched how people did things and had enough sense not to open my big mouth."

A Step Away from War (1986)
PN narrates the Center for Defense Info video on nuclear weapons. Paul Newman leads the audience through a video on ending all nuclear explosions by discussing the role of nuclear weapons explosions in fueling the arms buildup, why a U.S./Soviet test ban would avert possible nuclear war; among those featured are Admiral Gene La Rocque; Congressman James Leach; Dr. Glenn Seaborg, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission; and Robert Stuart, chairman emeritus of National Can Company. Available from

King: A Filmed Record.... Montgomery to Memphis (1970)
Documentary of the history of MLK from minister to civil rights martyr. 103 minutes.
As far as I can tell there are 2 versions of this documentary. The 103 minute version is much more available to the public- it is a very simple video diary of MLK's career from 1955 up until his death in Memphis in 1968- including very moving footage of King several hours before his death and immediate reaction to the shooting from the crowd where he was supposed to be speaking that fateful night. This version has no narration, just natural sound that accompanies the video, and an introduction by Harry Belafonte. The only glimpse of PLN that you get is him walking up to his seat on the stage with other famous actors (Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier) at the march on Washington. The 2nd version, I have only found one reference to- on the Internet Movie Database under Leonard Maltin's review: that states the documentary is 117 minutes long, and contains soundbites from various celebrities (PLN included) that caused him to slightly lower the film's rating calling "the 'bridges' pretentious and unnecessary'. I recommend the 103 min. version for it's power (Rating:9) but not for Paul watching. Still on a hunt for the 117 min. to confirm it's pretentiousness.

A Year Toward Tomorrow (1966)
Directed by Edmond Levy, narrated by PN 25 minutes

The World of Eleanor Roosevelt
An inspiring all-star fund raising documentary about Mrs. Roosevelt's great humanitarian works. Featuring: Gregory Peck, Marion Andersen, Joan Baez, Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson from Video Yesteryear. Not available but mentioned on

Trial By Fire
Documentary of the 8th Infantry invasion of Germany during WWII. 60 minutes, apparantly narrated by PN.