The Silver Chalice (1955)

Starring: PN, Jack Palance, Joseph Wiseman, Virginia Mayo, Pier Angeli, E.G. Marshall, Alexander Scourby, Natalie Wood, Lorne Greene

Directed by: Victor Saville

Summary: PLN plays Basil, a talented young sculptor, who is cheated out his inheritance by a devious uncle. He is then sold into slavery and eventually chosen to recreate the chalice that Christ drank from at the Last Supper. Check out the Internet Movie Database.

Quote:The best quote comes from the most laughably bad moment in a movie filled with laughably bad moments: Jack Palance as Simon in a red superhero suite with what appears to be a black sperm design on it tries to soar off a building...Caesar: "He didn't fly."

Trivia: For the first time the movie was shown on television in the early 1960s, (author Eric Lax claims it was for the 1963 week-long run) Newman took out a 2 column ad in the Los Angeles Times (with a funeral wreath surrounding it) apologizing for his performance in this movie. He paid $1200 for the ad that said: "Paul Newman apologizes every night this week." Fear not, dear readers, I'm on the hunt for this image, trolling the archives to bring you a copy of this priceless image.

Newman called his costume a "cocktail skirt".

Despite its horrible reviews, the film grossed a very respectable (for 1955) $4.5 million.

This film received a huge "premiere" in Saranac Lake, NY. The premiere was a "prize" to the town that sold the most "Christmas Seals" in a countrywide competition. The weekend consisted of a parade with the director and stars of the movie (with the exception of Paul Newman, who did not attend), and a gala premiere at the Pontiac Theatre in Saranac Lake hosted by Art Linkletter.

The movie was nominated for Oscars for Best Music and Best Cinematography. The Newman Factor and Rating:Well, if you're gonna make a stinker, I guess it's best to make them early on. I can't imagine why anyone would think that making this movie was a good idea. Reviewers couldn't say much about PLN other than he was a Brando look-a-like.