Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Starring: PN, Robert Redford, Katherine Ross

Directed by: George Roy Hill


Quote: Butch: "The next time I say let's go somewhere like Bolivia let's go somewhere like Bolivia."

  • Robert Redford was originally cast as Butch and Paul Newman as Sundance. It was at Redford's suggestion that they switch roles.
  • No stunt riders were used, Paul did the tricks all by himself. In fact Director George Roy Hill fired the original stunt man who balked at some of the bicycle tricks he was asked to do after seeing Newman fooling around on the bike.
  • Considered the film that started the "buddy picture" genre.
  • Lula Parker Betenson, Butch's real sister (who was then 84) visited the set during filming and told Newman he was doing a good job.
  • Look closely, Sam Elliot plays a card player.
  • Cinematographer, Conrad L. Hall and Katherine Ross were lovers, and when he let her operate a camera one day on a multi-camera setup, director George Roy Hill kicked her off the set, letting her back only for her scenes.
  • "Anything we could shoot through smoke or steam or branches, we did. I made the posse (pursuing Butch and Sundance) a sort of metaphorical presence by using extrememly long zoom lenses and always shooting them from a distance. Sometimes, five miles away, so even when you zoomed in, you barely saw them. They were a facelss technology that put bandits out of business." - Hall (quoted from EW 10/8/99).
  • Only PLN movie to be named to the AFI 100 Greatest movies #50.
  • For the infamous cliff jump scene, PLN and Redford did jump off the cliff...but landed on a ledge with a mattress about six feet below. The stuntmen (Mickey Gilbert and Howard Curtis) jumped off a construction crane at a studio lot obscured by a painting of the cliffs.

  • The Newman Factor:10. 10. 10.

    Rating: It busts my butt when people chastise BC&SK for being a) an unrealistic portrayal of the wild west or b) claim "what's the fuss all about?". If you're asking these questions, then you JUST DON'T GET IT. It wasn't meant to be a documentary. It is entertainment pure and simple. The tagline for the movie was "Not that it matters, but most of it is true." I'm giving it a 10.

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