TV Appearances

Here are some of the TV appearances Paul has made.

Edward R. Murrow: The Best of Person to Person (1992)
* Plot Summary: A collection of interviews with contemporary public figures featured on television journalist Edward Murrow's show. Murrow pays a visit to the Newman's at home. Classicly contrived publicity stunts from the 1950s. Joannes sits and knits while Paul answers questions. (available on home video)
Kennedy Center Honors (1995/1992)

David Letterman's Video Special (8/30/93)
Letterman viewers can see Newman drop by for unexpected visits on the set of The Late Show. Don't expect an impromptu interview though, Newman usually strolls on, and as in the premiere episode says "Where the hell are the singing cats?" and then leaves. Who says he can't do comedy?? MTR (T:31472)

American Masters (1991/1992 PBS)
American Masters: Broadway's Dreamers 6/26/89 MTR American Masters: Tennessee Williams 12/19/94 MTR
50th Barbara Walters Special 11/29/89 MTR

20/20 Profile of PN and JW unknown date MTR (archives B:06619)

AFI Tribute to John Huston 3/23/83 MTR (T86:1824) Paul merely introduces (on videotape) this special as a "past trustee" of the AFI.

ABC News Special: America Held Hostage 1/28/81 MTR (T83:0640)

Stars Salute Israel at 305/8/78 MTR

From Here to the 70's (host 1969)

CBS News Campaign '68: DNC 8/28/68 MTR (T77:0388)

American Theater Conversations: The Actors Studio (1963)
available from
Frank Cosaro, Paul Newman, Geraldine Page, Fred Stewart, Rip Torn and Michael Wager discuss The Actors Studio, its origins, its goals and the influence of "Method" acting. The conversation was filmed at the time of the first Broadway success of The Actors Studio Theater, Eugene O'Neill's Strange Interlude, in which Miss Page had a starring role.

I've Got a Secret 10/3/56 MTR (archives B:38738)

I Remember Mama
PLN had a bit part in this show from the early 1950s. Some episodes are available in the MTR archives as well as a seminar regarding the show from 12/17/85. The Aldrich Family (1952-53)
Occasional Cast Member
Based on a 40's radio show, it focuses on a middle class American family in Centerville and the adventures of their son Henry.

Oscars 67th, 64th, 60th
3/24/86 MTR
3/26/58 MTR
The Tony Awards
1968: 4/21/68 MTR (T82:0482) * 1961: PN's about the 4th presenter in and seems utterly unthrilled to be there. He announces the winners for two categories and that's about it. MTR (T81:0024)

As far as I've come across, these are the only 2 commercials Paul has made.
American Express (1990) This one ran during the Superbowl. I love it! PLN suits up in black leather and is handed a (way ahead of it's time) pocket bike where he gets to the starting line against a drag racer, where the racer proceeds to blow up and PLN chugs away on his bike. No dialogue, just a final note that Paul's been a cardmember since 1966. MTR (AT:34810)

Nissan (1983) This PSA features Paul on the track in his car extolling the virtues and benefits of seat-belt wearing. "If you don't belt yourself, you're kidding yourself," he warns. MTR (AT:27859)