Videos On or About PLN

Life: Great Romances (2002)
"Life Magazine takes a look at some of the great romances of the 20th Century." Couples featured include John and Jackie Kennedy, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. PLN & JW are featured on Volume 1. The music is overpowering on this series, and the haughty British narration is a little much. A nice little 15 minute segment on the history of the Newman's relationship and a brief overview of their careers. Good footage of a sitdown interview with the 2 of them from the (mid?) 80s. First mention I've ever heard that the Newmans were anything but a perfect couple'narration alludes to problems in their marriage in late 1960s, even going so far as to take an ad out in the Los Angeles Times stating "We Are Not Breaking Up."

A & E Biography: Paul Newman "Hollywood's Charming Rebel"
Available from critic's choice.

Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio (1995?)
Paul sits down with host James Lipton for a question and answer session about his days at NY's infamous Actor's Studio in the 1950's and how he eventually became a master of his craft. Very interesting and insightful special. (8 out of 10)

Superstars of Action (1995)
Narrated by: Robert Wagner
Summary: A compilation video of PN with high lights from his career.
Rating: The video is only 30 minutes long, and doesn't contain much new information or footage. It does contain some of the behind the scenes footage of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, but it's nothing that isn't available on the 25th Anniversary Edition laser disc. 4 out of 10
The Newman Factor: Paul in a nice easy prepackaged form. He had no part in producing this video, and it's overall effect can only be described as "cheesy."

Hollywood Sex Symbols (1988)
Front Row Video, 40 minutes
This video looks like a junior high TV project. It starts out with unsteady camera pans of magazine covers and other photographs that the "producers" quite surely did not clear with the copyright owners. It includes some archival footage of celebrities, mostly strange arrival shots of them not looking very much like sex symbols. The narration is all over the place, describing briefly why the star was a sex symbol and then usually ending with a morbid description of the star's strange death. This tape chronicles from Theda Bara (1920's) to Marilyn Monroe (1960's). PLN falls under the heading "Blue Eyed Wonder". I was ready to completely dismiss this tape except for this one tidbit of information: Newman and fellow actors asked fans not to attend any of their movies for one day as a protest of the Vietnam War. It included some press conference footage that I've never seen before, so this 40 minutes of my life wasn't entirely wasted. Rating: 3 of 10.

Adventure 1: Trailers on Tape (1984)
Compilation collection of movie trailers. 40 different trailers, (not sure which one of Newman's is represented). 61 minutes.

PN: The Man and His Movies